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Hosted by Scott J. Leon and Buck Turnidge, the Positive Baseball Development podcast is here to talk everything in youth sports. With a combined 30 plus years of experience, Scott, Buck, and guests will discuss various aspects including player issues, parent issues, coaching issues, and developmental tools. Positive Baseball opened it’s doors in Austin Texas 20 years ago and the amount of knowledge that comes a long with that is something everyone can benefit from!

February 5, 2020

In the Clubhouse with Coach Buck-Boom Creed Series Mindset

Welcome to 'In the Clubhouse'!  Today Coach Buck starts the first of 7 episodes on the Boom Creed.  He focuses on Mindset, the last word in the creed; however, the most important!

Coach Buck breaks down the term and the tools you need in order to cultivate the proper mindset to be successful from the clubhouse to the classroom.

Bringing in thoughts from the Late Kobe Bryant, as well as everyday terms heard by our Boom Players!

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